Learn to Support a Smoker to stop smoking without being a Policeman!

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1. Tips to support a smoker to stop smoking without nagging.

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3. How a non-smoker can discharge judgment about smokers using respect, compassion and understanding.

Lela Bryan Helps You Stop SmokingLela Bryan
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Lela gives you tips on how to
support a smoker to stop

Stephanie Eldringhoff

Stephanie teaches you
how to support the smoker
in your life by learning how to
support yourself.

Get Tips to Support a Loved One to Quit Smoking



    Give a smoker a gift certificate
    for their birthday, Christmas
    or other holiday to support
    them to stop smoking.

    We'll talk about a strategy that will best support the smoker.


    How can I Support a loved one, friend or Employee to Stop Smoking?


    As a Non-Smoker do you feel like you are walking on egg shells and you are
    going to say or do the wrong thing.

    The best thing to do is to ask the smoker "What can I do to support you?"
    You might be surprised at the answers that you get.

    Things that don't work to support smokers or chewers:

    Telling a smoker that smoking is not good for them.....like "duh"... they know that.

    It won't help to take away or throw away their cigarettes...that will just make them cranky.

    Having them quit for you....the smoker needs to quit for themselves.

    If they quit for you, what happens the first time they get annoyed with you ....yes! They will smoke to spite you.

    Stephanie Eldringhoff facilitates Teleseminar support groups for non-smokers
    so you can learn how to support someone that is going through the process of quitting smoking. Support sessions are held over the phone or in person.

    The Support group covers:

    Listening skills
    How to inquire effectively without interrogation
    Managing anxiety
    Acting from Your strengths

    Stephanie's Website http://www.stephanieeldringhoff.com/home.html

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    How to Support a Loved One to Stop Smoking

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